Beernomicon returns to The Smithfield : Episode 2 : Northern Monk Brew Co! FEB 26th

Beernomicon (at the Smithfield: Episode 2) with Northern Monk

Our Guests

Legends of Leeds. This time we welcome....

Northern Monk!

Now I could write a list of superlatives about Northern Monk, or alternatively - I could let them explain themselves. Just have a little look here

All I will say, or really NEED to say, is ...First English World Beer Cup Medal For an IPA Goes To…  

FIRST EVER. I will say no more.
Oh, except to say, they're bringing two new beers being served at The Smithfield on the day!!

The Format

So we return with our series of monthly meet the brewers on Sunday afternoons at our Brewpub - The Smithfield Market Tavern - but this 'MTB' comes in a bit of a different format to the usual.

Hosted by the fine fellows of Beernomicon, a beer centric podcast for beer lovers, we'll be recording their show in house with YOU guys as a 'live' (not live; it's a podcast) audience. They'll be grilling a whole line up for brewers throughout the coming year and our audience will be there to fire up the heat - Audience participation is very much welcomed, so get your questions ready..
keep it friendly ;) 

Our hosts

Beernomicon is hosted by our very own Tom Plant, Brewer at Blackjack and (thankfully) absolute beer obsessive, alongside co-host Ross Cummins another mega beer geek. In their own words 'Beernomicon is a podcast about all things beer by two beer cynics. Conceived after a trip to Copenhagen in 2016 they have grown a dedicated audience they never expected to have. They've hosted interviews with great breweries such as Cloudwater, Dugges and Northern Monk as well as hosting excellent bottle shares' 

Here's their latest episode! And you can find all of them here  or follow them on twitter here

What to Expect....

A fun and informal chat about beer (...)  but knowing how hotly discussed this drink is, this a pretty unique opportunity the get into the underbelly of a top brewer, hear things from the brewers perspective for once and of course drink a load of smart beer as we go along.

Beers will be announced over the next week.
We look forward to seeing on Sunday !