AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY BREWTAP! Fri 25th, Sat 26th AND Sun 27th!

Hello there Brewtappers. I trust we are well and I'd assume you'll be interested in that extra Monday day off?
Oh yeah! No doubt!

Brewtap time rolls around again at this crazy busy time of year and yes it's the big one, August Bank Holiday! Which means you lucky folk get the full 3 dayer our of us. 

We're just confirming our DJ line up to sit nicely alongside our 12 flowing keg lines, the finest spirits, 4 cask ales and hopefully all the deck chairs that WILL get to make an appearance in some glorious weather. (ever the optimist) 

So come on Manchester, lets make this the show stopper. Stay tuned for all the updates and we'll see you very soon, for great folk, great beers, amazing street food and beautiful sounds.

Yehaw! See you then.