There's a Brewtap tomorrow!!! (& an explanation) FRI 22ND SEPT 6PM-10:30PM & Saturday 23RD 12PM-10:30PM


Hi there, what you doing this weekend? Nothing? Cool. Well now you are.

Firstly, There's two things you will have probably noticed here:

1, This is a very late advertisement!

You are both observant and correct. Let's address these quickly.


So, we've been having a little sparring session with licensing since our last brew tap. Perhaps you can expect to hear a little bit more about this from us one day down the line, but as it stands, we're making a few adjustments to meet their very reasonable requests. One of which is that we will be calling last orders at 10:30PM. Disaster? No! So, we lose half an hour, yes, but to counter that we'll have our (relaxing) vinyl carriers, spinning a little earlier in the day. A spotlight will smoothly manoeuvre onto our amazing beer, great food traders and amazing song selectors. So, basically the same as always. Plus it just gives us all a chance to keep things nice and tidy down here and all meet up in The Smithfield for a pint afterwards. Doesn't sound so bad does it? NOPE.

As for the lateness I can only apologise in getting the word out - such tardiness from us there... We've been waiting (and waiting and waiting) to just see if any new restrictions fall upon us and as it happens we aren't entirely aware of any more than we already new. So... cool.

We've done our homework as best we can though and we're making some (necessary) tweaks and we're all ready for a really nice weekend with no hassle from our overlords!

What does it all mean? As I said, we'll possibly be talking more about it one day, but frankly - it means very little! Same Blackjack Brewtap! Possibly a little mellower on the volume front, but after a long summer, a nice simmering chatter box, reflecting on the fun of the Brewtap Season is quite welcome for us all. Licensing have been quite correct in pointing out that there is some room for improvement and we're more than happy to comply.

Same brew tap, with a little emphasis shift to really enjoying things from the get go, keeping things respectful, easy riding and closing a meagre 30 mins earlier.

Honestly? No problem.


So with that being said - whats on :



On Friday we're delighted to welcome the amazing - OH MY GLAZE. 

These Glaze lords will no doubt be bringing an amazing example of the power of the glaze, -funnily enough. A good glaze applies itself merrily with many a munch worthy meat/or Veg for that matter and we can't wait to find out where the glaze will .... glaze. Expect wings and smoke and glazes to coat. 



Down for the all dayer Saturday slot, we have an outstanding returner - gracing us with their presence once more (as we loved them so much) - we have The Wood Fired Oven wielders: MIO PIZZA!

Not much needs to be said here.
Get good dough, add good ingredients, apply to Wood Fired Oven. Don't do that and you get bad pizza. Follow the rules and you get great pizza. Expect the latter from Mio!
....because they get it. 




The Devil's return.

We're very lucky with our DJ's. When we need a nice little soft Brewtap, nursing the hangovers of summer: where we pine for simply appreciating songmanship and quality, over volume and rave (not that we ever raved), our guys instantly get in tune and they can fill any soundscape. We knew that and in a 3 sentence conversation, the set lists were changed, the mood will be suitably adjusted the destination re-routed - heading away from the dance floor and over to the listeners lounge; for the aficionado and respectful listener. Expect warming beautiful vinyl for beautiful folk. The Devil's Juke Box have it all covered. Sit back. Relax.


Goff, Mim & an Old Pal.

Speaking of versatility, again, we are extremely well graced when welcoming our old guard back on board. The original players of the very first Brewtaps way back,  when? (4 years now ... never any complaints? Nope) we still have ultimate faith. The safest pair of Anti-Static Vinyl Mittens are heading over to offer melting soulful warmth, some psych oddities and glittering singles of RnB joy. For those who just appreciate amazing records, delivered by the most tasteful of DJ duo's, you're in luck.

Add to the mix a special guest and you are really laughing you're way to The Smithfield (at 10:30 sharps) - Jon 'Macca' Mckensie returns!!! If there's ever a guy you want for this weekend it's Jon, his ear for beauty is so wildly unknown (Pops, doesn't get out so much these days) so magically on point, it's utterly mind blowing. You can always, always expect great records when Jon comes and this will be no different. 


See you all tomorrow from 6! 

It's going to be a nice one.