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Greetings From Charlotte Abbeydale
6.2% £105.20 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Introducing our collaboration with the wonderful NoDa Brewing from North Carolina - a truly independent American brewery who have a huge pile of awards for their beers. This multi grain IPA heavily featuring corn and heavily hopped with Galaxy, Vic Secret and Cryo Citra hops.

Unbeliever Abbeydale
4.4% £96.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Raspberry and Vanilla Berliner Weisse. Inspired by the classic Berliner Weisse, slightly tart but thirst quenching... here we've added stacks of real raspberries with vanilla for balance.

Azacca Pale Ale Almasty
4% £105.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Zest and tropics on the nose give way to juicy fruitiness on the tongue, with pineapple and mango flavours making this a super drinkable pale that has a subtle piney spice at the finish. A cracking summer pale ale that is the perfect session beer.

Cashmere x Amarillo Cryo Pale Almasty
5% £112.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
This is going to be a big one! Packed with Cryo hops that provide a smooth bitterness and zesty flavours from the Cryo Cashmere along with tropical juiciness from Cryo Amarillo, this is one smooth and drinkable pale ale with body, flavour and big aromas.

Simcoe x Chinook IPA Almasty
6% £121.20 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Another big IPA with passionfruit and grapefruit tones on the nose and palate that give way to a subtle piney resinous finish, made all the more smooth and gentle by the use of Cryo hops which really do lift big beers to another level.

Winnow Ampersand
5.7% £101.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
An oat IPA that is hopped with Comet, Chinook, Styrian Wolf and Simcoe hops giving a punch of grapefruit, citrus and resinous hop flavours. The pale malt bill uses heaps of malted and rolled oats giving a soft hazy body whilst a large dry hop adds plenty of hop aroma alongside a gentle IPA bite of bitterness.

Space Viking Anarchy
8.5% £146.00 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
White Grape Saison - light peppery and refreshing with white grape and hints of lemon peel and pear.

The Liverpool Craft Beer Week Black IPA Anspach & Hobday
6.2% £107.30 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Collaboration beer with Liverpool Beer Collective..

Mosaic Pale (GF) Arbor
4% £91.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
All Mosaic Pale from Arbor, this time friendly to Celiacs! GLUTEN FREE

Saison des Fetes Arbor
5.6% £97.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Golden Saison brewed with a classic French farmhouse yeast strain and the freshly grated zest of several hundred clementines!

Shangri-La Arbor
4.2% £93.10 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
IPA - Session / India Session Ale. Hopped up.

Ace's High Blackjack
5.5% £115.00 Stainless Steel 50L
In Stock: 1 Left
Classic IPA. Hopped with Summit, Marynka, Cascade.

Devilfish Saison Blackjack
5% £90.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
A thirst quenching saison hopped mainly with Amarillo and orange peel

Framblush Blackjack
4.6% £94.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
An easy drinking wheat beer, fermented at a fairly low temperature, hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Vic Secret. Then with a huge addition of Raspberry puree, to make this very fruity.

Gem Blackjack / Ol Bar
6.6% £120.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
A proper West Coast IPA brewed with our friends at Ol Bar, expect a bit of Crystal malt and then a whole load of Chinook, Citra, Columbus and Idaho 7.

I bless the grains down in Africa Blackjack
5% £90.00 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
A beer originally brewed for Indie Fest in Sheffield, this is a lovely, hoppy pale ale. Hopped with Pacific Gem, Enigma and Mosaic and the addition of some Passionfruit and Pomegranate. An homage to one of the greatest songs ever!

In the Year 2525 Blackjack
5.3% £88.75 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
Brewed by Zach our brewer and his dad to celebrate his 50th birthday. Mashed at a high temperature for a big mouthfeel and hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Vic Secret for a zesty flavour with a touch of pine. A very quaffable hazy pale.

JabberJabberwocky Blackjack
7.2% £123.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
A Suped up version of Jabberwocky, not quite double the strength but at least double the hops and then some, this is a big tasty beer!

Lemon & Basil Sour Blackjack
4.1% £86.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
Our latest kettle sour! We split the brew into two halfs, with this half we've conditioned on a lot of Basil and Lemon juice and it's tasting good.

Mango Pale Blackjack
4% £88.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
A pale ale special, hopped with Hallertau blanc, Ella and Eldorado and then with a load of Mango puree added in Conditioning as well, resulting in a very nice fruity pale ale. Not a Smoothie

NZIPA Blackjack
5.4% £99.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
A light coloured IPA with brewed with a blend on New Zealand hops. A generous addition of dry hops including Nelson Sauvin, Rakau and Waimea.

Red Rye Saison Blackjack Beers
7% £110.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Low
The saison esters from this deep red beer are complimented by the additions of Star Anise and Red Peppercorns for a dry spicy and complex beer.

Session IPA Blackjack
4.5% £81.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
The latest version of our hop changing Session IPA, this one is hopped with Simcoe, Galaxy, Summit and Topaz. Crispy and clean hoppy pale.

Small Saison Blackjack
4.5% £90.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Low
An easy going and refreshing saison, hopped with Pilot, Willamette and Pacific Jade.

Sorachi Ace Dry Hopped Sour Blackjack
4.1% £86.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
Our latest sour, this time with Sorachi Ace. We've also lowered pH again for even more lip smacking sourness, This is a banging beer!

Table Beer Blackjack
3.2% £77.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: Plenty
A beer for those times you what something a bit weaker but with the hoppiness of an IPA, hopped with Rakau, Amarillo, Citra, First Gold and Eldorado. A proper session beer

Torrified Blackjack / Faceless
5.7% £112.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
A Belgian White IPA brewed with our friends at Faceless in Nottingham.Plenty of torrified wheat and hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Victoria Secret, perfect for a hot day.

Whippin Piccadilly Blackjack / Crafty Devil
5.8% £135.00 One-Way Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Originally a colab between ourselves and Crafty Devil from Cardiff, this beer has a lot of Oats and Lactose for a great mouthfeel and then a combination of Sorachi Ace and Citra Hops alongside a lot Pineapple and Passionfruit puree giving an tropical flavour.

Cry Agony Box Social
7% £126.50 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
A pale beer, with a rich, rounded mouthfeel from lactose and savoury sweetness from peanut essence. Real oak wood provides a depth of flavour layered with peanut notes. Hops gives a further layer of sweet/vanilla aromas. Safe for those with peanut allergies!

Ride Over Me Box Social
6% £119.20 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Lightly tart raspberry puree, balanced by lactose creaminess. This beer is full of oats and biscuit malt to provide a full on malt base to compliment the fruit notes and sweetness.

05 Idaho 7 & Azacca IPA Brew By Numbers
6% £119.00 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
India pale ale with Idaho 7 and Azacca hops.

75 Amarillo Columbus Simcoe Sour IPA Brew By Numbers
5.6% £119.00 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
A unique interpretation of an IPA that unites the hop flavour of a West Coast style with the crisp, clean finish of a Sour Beer. This Sour IPA, dry-hopped with Columbus, Cryo Amarillo, and Cryo Simcoe delivers an aromatic blend of zesty grapefruit, lemon and pine, playing off a tangy, tart, acidic bite. Our newest style, Number 75, is a thirst-quenching, exploratory, modern Sour IPA.

Golborne Helles Brick / Real Ale
4.2% £92.20 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Brick Brewery and Real Ale Ltd have collaborated to make this Helles lager for Real Ale’s new shop in Golbourne Road in Notting Hill.

Starting On Heaven Brick / Fallen
3.8% £108.80 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Brewed in collaboration with Fallen Brewing. Inspired by that first blissful sip of a pint straight after a long hike, safe in the shelter of a warm and cosy pub, we've created a light and crisp Session Helles with Fallen Brewing. Super light, sessionable and approachable German-style Helles lager using Weyermann malt, its refreshing body has an added depth of citrus flavour from dry-hopping with Mandarina Bavaria and Idaho 7. Named "Starting on Heaven" as our challenge begins at Ben Nevis, Gaelic translation: Mountain of Heaven.

Fruit Castle Rock
4.5% £99.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Summery Lychee, Pear and Orange fruit showcase. Third in the iterative fruit range comes in the form of a lychee, pear and orange combination.

DIPA Five Points
7.8% £125.10 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
A lush and tropical Double India Pale Ale bursting with pineapple fruit flavours. Hopped with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and BRU-1 hops.

Due South Good Chemistry
6% £113.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Rye IPA.

Future Shock Good Chemistry
6.2% £113.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
A classic West Coast IPA, clear and crisp with a bitterness bite.

Cherry & Rosemary Sour Harbour
4.5% £107.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Sour cherries are fermented and finished with fresh rosemary picked on our farm. Refreshing and tart as you would expect.

Nelson Cross Sour Harbour
5% £104.60 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
A Collab brew with YEASTIE BOYS using Nelson Sauvin hops and sour pitched for a refreshing and tart single hopped sour.

White Label 003 Kettlesmith
7.1% £118.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
This is batch 003 in our “White Label” Series. The big brother of batch 002 “small IPA” with the same malt and hop profile – just much stronger. Hops include Simcoe, Citra and Columbus. Rich toffee malt up front with intense citrus juicy hop flavour and aroma. Finished with a firm bitterness. Yum! At 7.1%

Beer de Garde McColl's Brewery
7% £95.50 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Beetroot Biere De Garde collab with Tooth & Claw. This 7% beer has over 40kg of beetroot in it! The beer has mild spicy phenolics, a big sweet fruity mouthfeel and a whack of beetroot before a deeper earthier beetroot and flavour develops, finally a hint of spicy beetroot and hops before a medium dry finish.

4.5% £95.20 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
SUMA by name SUMMER by nature, this smashable session IPA is packed with 50kg of Amarillo hops. A solid malt base and bitterness are well balanced and deliver drink ability.

Tonic IPL McColl's / Blackjack
6% £108.20 Key-Keg
In Stock: Low
This lush little number is refreshing, crisp and dry, with puckering lemon zest, rhubarb tartness and the aroma of juniper.

Agent of Evil Moor Beer
7% £99.60 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Black IPA celebrating the Dark Side of the Force.

All Dayer Moor
3.5% £92.80 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Hoppy session IPA. Summertime heaven.

JJJ IPA Moor Beer
9% £114.90 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Triple the gravity, triple the colour, and more than triple the hops. With nearly 700 kg of malt and 14 kg of hops this beer is big in every sense. In fact, it was so big and hoppy that it broke our pump! Deep copper in colour, over the top in aroma and flavour, but somehow still remaining (somewhat) balanced, this beer is not for the faint of heart. If you're looking for a one-dimensional hop bomb look elsewhere. And don't get too wrapped up in style pedantics. We're breaking new ground here. Forget everything you think you know and just enjoy. JJJ is intensely hoppy, but adds the depth and roundness of flavours often associated with a Barley Wine. We liked it so much that upon racking we decided to make it a permanent part of the range.

PMA Moor Beer
5.3% £103.00 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Introducing PMA - A 5.3% Pale Modern Ale for those with a Positive Mental Attitude. This is a hoppy pale ale for the modern age. Mango in colour, PMA has an intense yet highly drinkable and balanced flavour, representing the best hops from around the world and a complex mix of technically kilns British malts.

The Boogie Below IPA New Bristol Brewery
5% £116.00 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Enticingly hazy and soft gold in appearance, the nose erupts with strong citrus, passionfruit, peach and pineapple aromatics. Pillowy soft mouthfeel, with a restrained bitterness on the finish and notes of Vanilla. At 5% ABV its balanced, smooth and very sessionable.

Granny’s Mix Northern Monk
5.7% £129.10 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
5 years ago we launched Northern Monk brewery from the Old Flax Store. We were able to do this because of a £5,000 gift from a grandparent, the funds that started our business. This is not the only contribution Granny made to Northern Monk though... She gave us our first opportunity to experiment with flavours and tastes. Always having an extensive selection of juices and sodas in the house, she’d encourage us to make mixes of them to create our own drink. However it was the mixes Granny made herself that were always the best. This beer is a thanks to all the grannies out there, and a celebration of the journey that started Northern Monk.

Northern Powerhouse DIPA Northern Monk
8.2% £172.30 Key-Keg
In Stock: Low
For the double IPA in this series we brought in our friends at Cloudwater to help us brew this Nelson Sauvin-led offering. Backed up with the classic tropical notes of Citra, NZ Nelson brings tons of gooseberry and sauvignon grape character to this smooth, oat-rounded beer.

Atombucha Partizan
3.9% £117.20 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
This saison-kombucha hybrid is a very special collaboration with Fix8 who makes fantastic kombucha. The result is a beer that has light acidity with a hoppy, funky nose. A truly unique brew that's not to be missed out on!

X Ale Partizan
3.5% £102.50 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Collaboration with Redemption Brewing. The beer was inspired by an X ale recipe from Scottish brewers Thomas Usher, around 1885. X-ale, the precursor to modern mild simply meant eXcisable and denoted any beer to be taxed now and drunk now. It was the most popular style of beer in the whole of the UK up until just after the turn of the 19th Century.

Mango & Lime IPA Redemption
3.8% £109.80 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
A proper IPA with assertive bitterness balanced by a huge burst of tropical hop flavour. Massive amounts of mangos and a dash of zesty lime make for a perfect summer treat. Brewed with Motueka, Ekuanot and Calypso.

Double Double Siren
6% £131.70 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
Our take on the Double-Double is double the coffee and double the dry-hopping! We used Mosaic for a deep berry character, with Amarillo and Ekuanot bolstering the strong hop character. A higher than normal mashing temperature gives a residual sweetness, helped with allergen-free hazelnut extract and some vanilla. The Peruvian Huabal coffee comes via Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, and provides notes of baked apple and orange marmalade with a sweet and full toffee body.

Marginal Grains Siren / Broaden and Build
5% £116.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Broaden and Build is a brewery from the team behind world-renowned restaurant Amass. Their beers are influenced by food and foraging, combining the creative processes of chefs and brewers. Marginal Grains uses a blend of foraged wild herbs for unique flavour and bitterness, the tropical aromas of American dry-hopping and, untypically for the style, our house Vermont yeast.

Suspended In Experiments Siren
4% £99.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Plenty
Suspended in... beers are an experimentation of hop rotation and different ingredients to create varying flavours and combinations from what is essentially the same beer.

Translucid Siren
8.5% £133.70 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Ancient Norwegian yeast cultures known as "kveik" have been fermenting traditional Nordic beer for generations, and now we've been lucky enough to get our hands on an isolated Hornindal strain to try out. Ekuanot, Simcoe and Mosaic feature in our first showcase.

Worm Burner Time and Tide
6.2% £130.00 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Featuring Cascade, Ella and Mosaic hops, and brewed with New England yeast for extra body and character malt for complexity, this pioneering dark coloured beer gives light toffee and chocolate notes with a hint of tropical fruit. Hazy, juicy and hop forward an inspiring take on old meets new.

Cali Pale Tiny Rebel
5% £101.70 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
The successor to our long time favourite Cali, but with the juice dialed right up. A beer suitable for sitting on the beach in the Californian sun, this juicy pale ale plays on classic tropical and pine flavours, with a relaxed mango twist.

Dutty Tiny Rebel
4.2% £97.00 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Vermont Session IPA. Unfiltered. Hazy. Murky. They might describe the look, but they dont really describe what we have achieved. We prefer DUTTY. Clean it aint, but thats no bad thing. In fact its very, very good. We have retained more flavor and a silky smooth texture in this Vermont style IPA, and made sure its one you can enjoy time and time again by keeping the ABV nice and low. A mild bitterness and a big juicy blast.

New World Order Top Rope
5% £100.70 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
A smooth, fruity pale ale dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo. Oats and wheat in the grain bill give it a full, smooth body.

Chip Hazard Turning Point
5.7% £86.70 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
We've saved you a trip to the ice cream van by adding freshly picked mint leaves and cacao to a sweet and cooling ice cream pale. Don't put a flake in it... it will just sink.

Mango Pale UnBarred
6% £119.00 Key-Keg
In Stock: Low
Lashings of Alphonso Mango puree with the right hops to push more layers of mango.

Boar Oat of Hell Weird Beard
7.4% £137.40 Key-Keg
In Stock: Low
Our monstrous collab with home brew club Beer Boars. With lashing of Simcoe, Ekuanot, Mosaic and Citra thrown in at the very end of the boil, then again after some cooling. Combine this with English ale yeast, oats and wheat in the grain bill, a low IBU and two full on blasts of dry hopping, expect an amped up hoppy beast of an IPA bursting at the seams with character.

Sleeping Lemons Wild Beer Co
3.6% £87.70 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
We have been preserving lemons in salt and lemon juice throughout the winter, ready to brew this refreshing, zesty summer special. Gose, is a traditional German-style sour wheat beer, usually brewed with coriander and salt. Once nearly extinct, this very refreshing style is making a comeback and we thought it would provide the perfect backbone to this wonderfully complex summer beer.

Jack Attack DIPA Wishbone / Blackjack
7.5% £143.00 Key-Keg
In Stock: 1 Left
Jack Attack, a collab with Blackjack Brewery is a big oat malt IPA with hops from America, New Zealand and Australia, Dry Hopped, Unfined and Hazy.

Real Fiction Yeastie Boys / Blackjack
4.7% £102.20 Key-Keg
In Stock: Plenty
Real Fiction is a hoppy and aromatic pilsner built on the backbone of a classically pale, yet complex, malt grist. Modern German hop varieties, and an underrated old school US one, give the beer a delicious fruity twist that compliments the gentle woody spice of pecan. A smashable Pilsner with a contemplative undercurrent.

Bees & Things & Flowers Yonder
4.5% £119.50 Key-Keg
In Stock: Low
Fermented with honey, carefully sourced from the UK, it is then conditioned on oak with foraged Chamomile, Meadowsweet, Lavender, Yarrow, Pineapple Weed and the lightest sprinkling of English hops.

Gander Yonder
5.8% £110.40 Stainless Steel
In Stock: Low
Yonder Pils is mashed on a bed of meadow hay and mixes up the classic approach of strictly noble European hops, by giving British hops and opportunity to show you what they can do.

Patersbier Yonder
4.2% £108.30 Stainless Steel
In Stock: 1 Left
This sessionable belgian pale ale is brewed with a combination of English and European hops and a light sprinkling of botanicals.