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Infirmarian Black Hop Gin
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we collaborated with Zymurgorium, brewers of the UK's best meads and distiller of Manchester Gin, to distill a gin that only a craft brewery could. Envisioned as a deconstruction of a black IPA in gin form, Infirmarian is a "black hop gin" laced with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic, where the hops character is accentuated by grapefruit and kissed by junipers and licorice

Bold St. Chai Gin Turncoat
40% £28.00 70CL
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A collaboration between Turncoat and LEAF on Bold St infused with Chai tea.

Cascade Gin Turncoat
43% £28.00 70CL
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This unique gin incorporates Cascade Hops in its flavour profile. Cascade is the founding father of the Craft Beer Revolution. Our head distiller, previously a craft brewer himself, has been working with hops for many years and will be uses the vapour method to extract all the flavour and aroma of this giant of hops

Dragon Tears Gin Turncoat / Blackjack
40% £32.50 70CL
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A collaboration between Turncoat and ourselves, inspired by our Dragons Tears Saison, this gin is infused with Ella hops and Jasmine pearl tea.

London Dry Gin Turncoat
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London Dry Gin. A Classic.

Miniature Gin Gift Box Turncoat
40% £13.00 5X5CL
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Gift pack containing 5 mixed mini gin bottles.

Our Man In Sicily Turncoat
37.5% £25.00 70CL
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Sicilian Lemon Gin

Turncoat Vodka Turncoat
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A rare, premium, treble filtered Vodka from an incredibly refined molasses base usually reserved for rum. The initiated will notice a very slight grassy length of taste linger, momentarily bringing you to the sugar cane fields of its birth, before a medium warming finish. Clean and clear in appearance. On its own, it is best served extremely cold. In company, only with the finest ingredients