ÖL Homebrew Competition
7:00 pm19:00

ÖL Homebrew Competition

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ÖL Homebrew Competition

Öl Nano Brewery & Bar Homebrew Competition

Öl Bar are accepting entries for our 2019 Homebrew Competition from 1st March 2019 up until 1st June 2019 – That’s 3 months to brew up something exciting and get it to them!

We have joined up with the teams from Cloudwater, Runaway and Track to taste and rate your beers. The winning entry will get to brew their beer in their brewery at Öl and have it and their name up on the tap list in the bar for everyone to drink - All you need to do to is bring 5 bottles of your homebrewed beer, fill in a quick form telling us about your beer and hand everything into Öl.
The winning beer will be announced in late July after they’ve received all the feedback from all of the judges and will be in touch to organise a date for you to go and brew your beer!

We’re looking forward to tasting everything you guys can come up with!

The Rules, Guidelines and Other Stuff You Could Need To Know

- Each submission will require 5 bottles of the same beer! This might seem a lot but we’ll need 5 bottles to make sure your beer gets to each of our judges!

- The minimum accepted size for each submission is 5 x 330ml bottles, larger bottles will be accepted (500ml, 750ml etc) but nothing smaller than 330ml

- We won’t be able to return any of your empty bottles unfortunately

- Last of all – Make sure you keep a copy of your recipe! We want to be able to be able to replicate the winning beer!

Anything else? Feel free to contact them at olhomebrew@gmail.com

Hosted by ÖL Brewery & Bar
Unit 2, Hatch, Oxford Road, M1 7ED Manchester, United Kingdom

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Bank Holiday Brewtap
to 26 May

Bank Holiday Brewtap


May Bank Holiday Brewtap

We are back with ANOTHER Bank Holiday Brewtap. That means ANOTHER three day weekend, Friday through to Sunday. We'll be bringing you the best beer, the best food and the best music this side of Victoria Station, Manchester, THE WORLD, or something like that.

Let’s all just hope the weather is as good as Easter.

FRIDAY FOODS - In the Dog Haus will be in the brau haus their self confessed 'finest hot dogs on the planet.' All the Bratwurst, all the toppings.

SATURDAY FOODS - Woks Cluckin' with their absolutely cracking Asian inspired street food (MSG and nastiness free).

SUNDAY FOODS - The Nomad guys brought such ruddy fantastic food to our Easter brewtap, that we're bringing them back in again this month. Giant Yorkshire Puddings and all the Sunday things inside them.

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Blackjack Roulette (Blind tasting) Night At the Old Dancer Wilmslow
6:00 pm18:00

Blackjack Roulette (Blind tasting) Night At the Old Dancer Wilmslow

blackjack roulette.jpg

Blackjack Roulette (Blind tasting) Night

Join us at The Old Dancer where Blackjack Beers will be taking over the taps with delicious Blackjack delights. We're going a little off piste on this one, in an attempt to get you lot out of your comfort zone, so all the pump clips are going to give away about any of the beers is what strength they are. None of this 'I don't like this,' or 'Imma have this 'cos it's my favourite hop.' We'll only tell you what it is you're drinking after you've formed your opinion on it (bonus points if you can pinpoint what it is your drinking before we tell you)!

Bryony from Blackjack will be propping up the bar, ready to join you for a beer and a chat if you so wish. She can be semi good company once she's got a couple of pints down her!

See you there!

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to 21 Apr

Easter Brewtap


Easter Brewtap

April 19th - 21st

Ding Ding Ding...ROUND TWO!

We're back again with our Brewtap, allll through Easter Weekend. All beer to be served in wicker baskets or Easter Eggs (we recommend the latter, to avoid disappointment from escaped beer), free weaved bonnet with every pint bought, oversized bunny costumes are compulsory attire.


Full size Lindt Bunny - £4
Cadbury Easter Egg - £3
Mini Lindt Bunny - £2
Malteaser Bunnies - £1
Small pack of mini eggs - 50p*

*We reserve the right to not do any of the above, and to instead just hide the odd mini egg somewhere inconspicuous for the worlds most anticlimactic Easter Egg Hunt (although please, by all means, come along in an Easter Bunny costume anyway).

Foody treats and musicy treats TBA.


Friday 18:00 - 22:30

Saturday 12:00 - 22:30

Sunday 12:00 - 19:00 (or later if you’re all having fun)

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