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Bank Holiday Brewtap


May Bank Holiday Brewtap

We are back with ANOTHER Bank Holiday Brewtap. That means ANOTHER three day weekend, Friday through to Sunday. We'll be bringing you the best beer, the best food and the best music this side of Victoria Station, Manchester, THE WORLD, or something like that.

Let’s all just hope the weather is as good as Easter.

FRIDAY FOODS - In the Dog Haus will be in the brau haus their self confessed 'finest hot dogs on the planet.' All the Bratwurst, all the toppings.

SATURDAY FOODS - Woks Cluckin' with their absolutely cracking Asian inspired street food (MSG and nastiness free).

SUNDAY FOODS - The Nomad guys brought such ruddy fantastic food to our Easter brewtap, that we're bringing them back in again this month. Giant Yorkshire Puddings and all the Sunday things inside them.